SIOP publishes “Developing and Enhancing Teamwork in Organizations”

This book is the latest volume in SIOP’s (The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) Professional Practice Series. It is edited by UCF’s Eduardo Salas, gOE’s Scott Tannenbaum, SHRM’s Debra Cohen, and Gary Latham from the University of Toronto.

After essays from an astronaut, CEO, football coach, military leader, and health care expert, the book contains chapters written by researchers and practitioners from various countries that address all aspects of teamwork in organizational settings. Included are two chapters on team debriefing and composition from gOE team members (Scott Tannenbaum, Becky Beard, Jamie Donsbach, George Alliger, Chris Cerasoli, and our colleague John Mathieu). For more about the book, visit Wiley’s website or on

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