Teams That Work – The Book

Why do some teams thrive, while others struggle? If you are a team leader, team member, senior leader, or consultant you need to know what really drives team effectiveness. Are you confident you know what truly makes a difference?

Many books and consultants offer advice about teamwork based on opinion or conjecture. Some of that advice is useful, but much of it is overly simplistic or even misleading. Fortunately, a growing body of research is now available with which to separate the myths from the facts.

In Teams That Work (Oxford University Press), gOE’s President, Scott Tannenbaum, along with long-time “friend of gOE” and Rice University Professor Eduardo Salas crack the teamwork code. Grounded in research and full of examples from C-Suite, medical, financial, manufacturing, retail, technology, sports, military, and even aerospace teams, Scott and Ed unpack seven proven drivers of teamwork.

Teams That Work is filled with practical, evidence-based tips for team leaders, team members, senior leaders, and consultants along with tangible tools for putting the science of teamwork into practice.

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