gOE Completes Effort to Help NASA’s Future Missions to Mars

For several years, gOE has conducted research for NASA studying team resilience and adaptation. As part of this effort, we studied saturation dive teams who work in dangerous confined conditions, similar to the conditions experienced by astronauts. We also studied NASA teams living and working in small habit similar to what they might live in on the moon.

We provided NASA with insights about the types of teamwork, taskwork, and living challenges that emerge in isolated, confined, and extreme conditions. Our research also revealed how highly effective teams respond to these challenges to maintain their resilience and performance. We found that we could help crews work through challenges more effectively, by taking them through a simple, team-led, “challenge inoculation” exercise we developed. While intended for use with astronauts, you can expect to see a business-friendly version of that exercise appear in our gOEbase toolkit in the near future!

NPR interviewed John Mathieu, a frequent collaborator with gOE and a Distinguished Professor in the School of Business at UConn about the work we’ve done together.

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