Consulting Skills Workshop – Assumptions

Our consulting skills workshop is based on the following assumptions about learning:

  • The majority of learning in organizations takes place on the job — so the workshop is designed to accelerate subsequent on-the-job learning and not simply provide trainees with information
  • Real world experiences are a great source of learning — so participants bring in, reflect upon, and discuss work experiences and challenges
  • Practice is helpful — when it is relevant, guided, and safe –so we conduct role-plays with participants using real work experiences, allow them to experience both the consultant and the customer perspectives (as well as serve as a peer coach/observer), and conduct role plays at small tables rather than in front of the entire class
  • On-going learning is a key to future success — so we ensure participants: develop a shared “mental model” and a common language for discussing their consulting work; experience the power of using each other as resources; and leave with a debriefing guide they can use to continue learning from their future work experiences