Throughout our history, gOE has supported hundreds of global organizations in virtually all sectors, yet at our core we are a boutique—small, highly personalized, and fully committed to building our clients’ capabilities and effectiveness.

We believe our success is grounded in three guiding principles:

  • Build internal capabilities. Part of what makes us different from most consulting firms is our keen interest in sharing what we know—transferring our expertise to the company. We do it by equipping internal consultants with the tools, skills, information and advice they need to be effective.
  • Use science pragmatically. gOE is well-versed in organizational research methods. Our work is typically based on scientifically tested approaches and research findings that we translate into pragmatic practices that can be easily adopted and assimilated.
  • Choose work we are passionate about. We thoughtfully decline opportunities if we feel we lack the capacity or capability to be successful. Our goal is to work with clients on projects where we can be passionate, engaged and truly make a difference.