Accelerating On-the-Job-Learning – A gOE White Paper

Across industries, the complexity and dynamic nature of workplace operations, as well as the constant and rapid influx of information, requires employees to continuously acquire new skills and expertise. Formal training is not sufficient – employees also need to be astute on-the-job learners (OJL).

In this gOE White Paper, we discuss the importance of OJL for employees and organizations, describe how individuals can accelerate their own OJL (including the eight habits of Fast On-the-job Learners), and suggest ways leaders and learning professionals can enhance that type of learning. These recommendations are based on our 25 years of experience working with organizations and compelling evidence from the organizational learning literature. Importantly, our guidance is grounded by insights gathered during structured interviews with over 20 learning experts and fast on-the-job learners and a systematic review of the research literature. Download the White Paper.

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